Priority Areas Map

News Release

This Priority Areas Map shows areas that have been identified because of their importance to Inuit and wildlife. Help us take care of the land by telling us about important areas near your community.

The Nunavut Planning Commission is making a land use plan to manage land, resources, wildlife, and marine areas in the Nunavut Settlement Area, outside municipal and park boundaries. Management can mean protecting community drinking water, proposing conservation for areas important to a community for traditional uses, or putting rules in place to guide industry investment.

Under the Nunavut Land Use Plan, we are considering managing land uses that may affect:

• caribou calving areas and migration routes
• community drinking water supplies
• marine mammals
• military sites
• migratory birds
• national historic sites
• heritage rivers
• existing and future parks and conservation areas
• areas of energy or transportation potential
• other areas important to Nunavummiut

Every Story Needs to be Told

Now that government and other representative organizations have identified the areas and issues they feel are important, Nunavummiut also need to provide information to support the plan.

Help us take care of the land by telling us about important areas near your community. Please review this map and return the attached questionnaire by May 28, 2010.

Next Steps

The feedback we receive on the Priority Areas Map will be incorporated into a Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan, which will be sent back to Nunavummiut in the fall. The Commission will then travel to all communities in Nunavut to host community workshops. This will be another opportunity to ensure that the Nunavut Land Use Plan reflects the issues and priorities of the residents of Nunavut. After this, the Commission will finalize the plan, host a public hearing, and submit the final draft Nunavut Land Use Plan for approval.

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